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Adara&C. Joaillerie was founded by designer Adara CHAO after she came back to Taiwan from Paris.
“VivezVosRêves.” We wish to show you the feeling of living in dreams. It’s not just something like dreams come true or have your own dreams. It's more like to live the dreams for real. We hope everyone who wears our design can have his or her dreams in reality. To achieve that we need courage and support. Every dream is different, but the efforts made are always precious.

“Every one of you is a partner who lives in the dream with Adara. Because of you, the dream will come alive.”

As the brand designer, Adara hope to encourage women with her works. There’s always a short story behind each piece. Whenever you feel sad, depressed, or lonely, we wish you can hold this precious design in you hands. To feel it, and to think about others who are also trying really hard to live in their dreams, including the designer who created your jewelry. Your companions are doing their best not to fall from the dreaming sky. They said that every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe the one you are having is darker than ever. But you are never alone with us.

Many people ask what the “C” in Adara&C. stands for?

Actually the “C” here stands for three things.


French “camarade” means companion, “charmeuse” means

charming lady and “cogito” in Latin from philosopher René Descartes

usually translated into English as "I think".


Therefore, the secret meaning of Adara&C. is
Adara and YOU, you charming smart companion.

“All my life, I’m looking for something. Until I founded this brand, just like true love, in that moment you’ll know, it is.” By Adara CHAO.

Adara was a graphic designer who worked for Vanessa Tugendhaft Joaillerie for a while introduced by her school, CREAPOLE-ESDI in Paris. She designed a series of jewelry for VT. It was a fun job for her even though she had zero experience in jewelry design. The series became a hot seller of VT and has been worn by American super star Madonna and her daughter.

After she came back to Taiwan, Adara didn’t love her day job. She had been through hopeless mornings thinking about how to make up excuses to escape those tiring works. Until she found her dream by founding a jewelry brand, Adara&C. Joaillerie.

She can keep going everyday because she knows what she desires deeply in her heart. Adara hope to encourage women with her design, bring them powers whenever they need and share the satisfaction from living in dreams.